Dodge WC 3/4 ton Tool Kit

The above table was prepared at an early date in the vehicle’s life before

data on vehicular spare parts, etc. was finalized. The spare parts usually

issued with the 3/4 ton Dodge are listed below. In early vehicles, the spares

were carried in a bag under the seat whereas in later vehicles, there was a

spare parts drawer fitted to the firewall under the passenger’s side of the


    A - 1 Belt, fan
    B - 1 Lamp unit, blackout stop, sealed, one opening, 6-8 V, 3-cp (8-L-421)
    C - 1 Lamp unit, service tail and stop, sealed, 6-8 V, (8-L-419)
    D - 1 Lamp unit, blackout tail, sealed, four opening, 6-8 V, 3-cp

    E - 1 Wire, iron, annealed, 22-gauge, 1/4 lb, (22-W-1067)
    F - 1 Lamp, electric, incandescent, miniature, 6-8 V, Sing-tung-fil., 3-cp

(MZ63) (17-L-5215)
    G - 1 Spark plug, with gasket, 14mm. (17-P-5355)
    H - 5 Cores, tire, valve (boxed) Schrader No. 4000 or equal. (8-C-6750)
    J - 5 Caps, tire, valve (boxed) Schrader No. 6300 or equal. (8-C-650)
    K - 1 Tape, friction, black, grade A, 3/4-in. 8-oz roll, (17-T-805)
    L - 1 Pin, cotter, split-steel, assorted, (boxed), (41-P-5347)
    (Not Illustrated) 4 Pins, shear (Winch veh/s. only) CC-915850 (early)

CC-1088128 (late)

Some rare factory assembly photographs are now available online from the US

Library of Congress. Click here and search using the keywords:

    "Army truck manufacture (Dodge)" for 1/2-tons photographs>
    "Dodge" for 3/4-ton photographs

The body of a Dodge Army reconnaissance car being lowered into place on the

assembled chassis. Bodies for each of the many types of army trucks are

synchronized in production with the chassis for which they are intended and

are carried from a distant part of the plant by an overhead tram conveyor and

are lowered to the chassis with perfect split second timing.

Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, FSA-OWI Collection,

[LC-USE6-D-001313 DLC (b&w film neg.)]