Dodge Carryalls  by Gordon McMillan.

Carryall Tailgates by Gordon McMillan.

Carryall and Van Roofs by Gordon McMillan.

Carryall Winder mechanisms by Gordon McMillan.
The following articles discuss the design changes implemented during the

production life of the WW2 Dodge range of vehicles. Information on other

production modifications plus comments on the following material welcome.

T214 Changes (Mostly on the Weapons Carrier model so far - a work in progress)

The following points are some of the various changes noted in the
development of the T214 Weapons Carrier models - Further expansion of
this list will follow as time permits.


Crankcase Ventilator Pipe

Crankcase Breather/Oil Filler Cap

Spark plug Wire Tube

Jaw - Crankshaft Cranking > CC-50054 superseded by CC-583801

Retainer - Crankshaft Rear Bearing Oil Seal > CC863214 superseded by CC-955646

Bushing - Piston Pin > CC-318893 superseded by CC-954157

Piston - (U-slot) v. Piston - (Steel strut)

Piston expanders also different depending on piston design.

Piston rings - 3 types >Mopar Regular Coated for normal cylinders
            Mopar Oil Saver for taper less than 0.005"
            Mopar Oil Master for taper less than 0.030"

Con Rod > CC-954376  for cyls 1-3-5, CC-954377 for cyls 2-4-6.

Insert - Exhaust Valve > CC-868888 (Std) superseded by CC-868889 (0.010"OS)

Valve - Exhaust > CC-868887 superseded by CC-954302

Valve lifter > CC-670508 superseded by CC-866886

Timing Chain > CC-676254 superseded by CC-601765

Timing Chain Cover Assy > CC-691930 (w/out timing indicator)
              superseded by CC-691929 (with timing indicator)

Timing Chain Cover Oil Seal Assy > CC-891448 (Up to Engine # 187279)
                   CC-1063476 (Engines after # 187279)

Oil Filter Cover Assy (3 types in order) > CC-925807, CC-1089422, CC-921179.

Oil Filter Cover Gasket > CC-925808 superseded by CC-921180

Oil Filter Element > CC-1088952 (Cotton Waste Element)
             superseded by CC-921178 (Paper Disc Element)

Screw - Oil Filter Cover > CC-928922 (up to Serial # 81665221) CC-964632


Gasket - Oil Filter Cover Screw (used to serial # 81687049) > CC-964633



Clutch Housing Core Hole Plug > CC-660324 (up to Engine # 67795)
                                CC-925327 (subsequent engines)

Clutch Pressure Plate/Release Lever Eyebolt > CC-620894 (up to Engine #

                                              CC-1088101 (subsequent engines)
Clutch Pedal Bracket Lube Fitting >

CC-145435 used to Serial # 81685185 (also on 81695001 to 81697092)

CC-191758 used after Serial # 81685185 (except 81695001 to 81697092)

CC-930228 Lube Fitting Elbow used with CC-191758   



Transmission Assy > CC-921869 superseded by CC-1064464

Main Drive Pinion Bearing > CC-620520 supersedes CC-637633 & CC-1063021



Carb changes > Zenith v. Carter

Air cleaner changes & fire-wall cut-outs

Fuel filter > Firewall v. In tank

Fuel Pump > 3 types (2-valve early/late & 6-valve)



Radiator Filler Cap/Neck

Water Pump Lube Fitting v. Grease Cup

Fan Shroud

Expansion Tank??


Propeller Shaft/Uni-joint changes

Axle & Diff Changes> Lots of design improvements


Shock Absorber Links > Early v. Late types


Electrical systems > 6/12 volt

Blackout Light (& non-symetrical guard)

Front Light wiring blocks > 2 or 3 terminal

Headlight switches > pull-out v. rotary

Radio Suppression Filters

Horn > Long v. short


Seat Differences > 3 types

Radiator/Light Guards > wire-in v. wire-on

Dodge Name-plate > present v. deleted

Steering wheels > Hard Rubber v. Plastic

Data Plates > Locations

Windscreen Adjusting Arm Knobs > Knurled v. Daisy Pattern

Windscreen Hold-down hooks > Early narrow v. Late wide

Cowl sealing materials > Rubber v. substitutes

Firewall Throttle/Choke Cable Retainers


Rear Body Changes >

Cast v. folded hooks

Front tool box depths

Steel v. composite

Lazyback supports??

Different tailgate supports

Fuel Filler Cap > sizes

Cargo Bow Retainer Clips > Late models

Decontaminator Bracket Mounting Tabs > Late models

Spare Parts Storage Box > Late models

Cold Weather Priming Pump Hole in Dash > Late models

Voltage Meter Cutout in Dash > Late models ??