The following works are recommended if you have an interest in the WW2 Dodges.

The ISBN number has been given where possible and this should allow any competent bookseller to order you a copy if the title is still in print. There are also companies who specialize in locating copies of out of print books - an internet search should locate their addresses.

Unfortunately, there aren't a great many books specifically about WW2 Dodges.

Three that I am aware of are:

    "Dodge Military Vehicles Collection Number 1" - Brooklands Books - ISBN 0 946489 27 0
    "Dodge 1940-1945" by Becker & Danzer - French language only.
    "Dodge - Cinq Generations de Tous Terrains" by Boniface & Jeudy - E/P/A - ISBN: 2-85120-091-7 (French language only)

The following books are more general works covering WW2 vehicles. They should be part of your library if you don't already have them.

    "US Army Vehicles of WW2" by Boniface & Jeudy - Haynes - ISBN 0 85429 811 8
    "Standard Catalog of US Military Vehicles 1940-1965" by Berndt - ISBN 0 87341 223 0
    "US Army Vehicles WW2" - TM9-2800 - Official Illustrated Manual. Available as a reprint.
    "US Military Wheeled Vehicles" by Crismon - Crestline Publishing - ISBN 0 912612 21 5
    "Historic Military Vehicles Directory" by Vanderveen - ISBN 0900913 57 6
    "The Observer's Fighting Vehicles Directory (WW2)" by Vanderveen - (Out of print)


Click here for a list of pertinent Dodge manuals.

With the exception of TM9-1808C, original manuals are often hard to find, especially at a fair price. Reprints are available from dealers such as Portrayal Press and others. Check their catalogues for full listings of available manuals. For 3/4-ton owners, an economical option is to buy a copy of the CD-ROM 3/4-ton manuals published by Military Media which also cover the M37. (For addresses, refer to the Contacts Section).


The following magazines are worth considering:

    "Army Motors" - good articles - supplied to MVPA members.
    "Supplyline" - lots of ads & news - supplied to MVPA members.
    Military Vehicle Magazine - lots of ads, news and feature articles.
    Power Wagon Advertiser - Worth the subscription just to see "Dodge" spoken in Gordon's great editorials.