Here are some contacts you may find useful in your Dodge restoration. I am not connected with any of these businesses nor am I endorsing them in any way. The details are for your information only. If you can add to these lists, please send me the details.


These companies can help you with magazines, vehicle manuals or videos.

    Military Vehicle Magazine - Lots of ads, coverage of MV events, etc.
    B & L Collectibles - USA - Original Manuals
    Vintage Power Wagons - USA - A selection of manuals usually available.
    Portrayal Press - USA - Repro Manuals - Business closing
    Military Media - USA - Digital Manuals on CD-ROM
    Easy1 Productions - USA - Digital Manuals
    Power Wagon Advertiser - Power Wagon and Dodge magazine.
    Vintage Video - USA - MV videos


The following dealers are known to have at least some parts for WW2 Dodges.

Generic parts such as switches, lights, etc. may be available from a wider range of sources.

    Vintage Power Wagons - USA - NOS & Repro Parts.
    Midwest Military - John Bizal - USA - NOS Parts.
    Dallas Autoparts - UK - NOS Parts.
    MV Spares - Australia - Repro Dodge wiring harness.
    Rick Larsen - USA - Military Stencil Sets and associated products.
    Roberts Motor Parts - USA - Dodge parts.
    Adirondack Dodge Parts - USA - Mostly M37 Dodge parts
    Wildenberg BV - Netherlands - Dodge parts.


    WW2 Dodge Forum
    WWW.Olive-Drab.Com - Lots of MV Information
    Gordon McMillan's Vehicle Pages
    Rick's UK Dodges - Old-Dodge-Trucks UK
    The Power Wagon Page & Forum
    Jay's Dodge Power Wagon Page and Dodge Registry  WC57 Command Cars