WWII Dodge information:
This group of pages is an effort to retain information from the retiring - Dodge WWII Motor Pool Site.

Most of the content here is taken, with permission, directly from the Web Site.

Many of us first began to learn about WWII Dodges from this early Site.  I am grateful for the opportunity to represent it here. 

While there has always been quite a lot of material on the Web about WW2 jeeps and later M-series vehicles, there was once virtually no coverage of the WW2 Dodges. This page was one of the first to correct this deficiency and I hope it will still be of some use to restorers and owners of these vehicles.

Step back in time to the WW2 Dodge Motor Pool and wander up and down the rows of mighty four wheel drive WW2 Dodge military vehicles. Kick a few tyres, look under the hood and above all, imagine that unique smell that seems to accompany old military vehicles, a musty combination of stale oil, old rubber and canvas preservative.

"Keep 'em rolling!"