Command Car Canvas Installation

- a picture Tutorial

By Dave Hancock and Phil Hoffman

Thank You, Dave and Phil for contributing.  First - Daves' 1/2 ton WC Command Car.  Then Phils' 3/4 ton WC Command Car
Dave's 1/2 ton Canvas installation 10-2013
Gents, I received a top for my Command Car a couple of weeks ago from Beachwood Canvas. Dan was very helpful and patient, even when my lack of patience turned into grumblings :oops: . Their products are very well put together. Here are a few pics. of the installation. Early C.Cars as everyone knows, had the top upholstered to the Header and the Body of the car.

This is what I was using as a temp. top.
I installed the studs in the existing holes, only to find out later they didn't match what was installed on the top. This was because the original holes are for the wood upholstery process.
Bows deployed.
Bows deployed - Pic 2
I know they are not correct but, I used #10-32 nylock nuts to hold the studs in place. I have enough loose screws rolling around inside my head, I don't need the ones holding my new top down to come loose too.
I don't have a photo of it, but I had to drill new holes in the Header to match the Lift-the-Dot fasteners already installed in the top. Here is where the work really begins. I would suggest doing this procedure on a warm day. The canvas will be a little more workable. Dan suggested to collapse the rearward kicker to ease installation.
At this point I was about to start punching holes. The 7 P rule applied here.
Here is the punch that Dan loaned me to complete the task of installing the Dots. Prior Proper Planning Prevents P!ss Poor Performance. You get only 1 shot here at making the holes count!
Without the punch, accurate holes like this are impossible. Thanks Dan for the loaner.
Here I fitted the top to align with the two outer studs first, then the center one.
Here the rear Dots are installed and a test stretch of the rear kicker bow can be seen.
Passenger side, work complete.
With the work finished and the top deployed, I am having trouble recognizing it as my Car.
Phil's 3/4 ton Command Car Canvas installation
Decided to restore the top bows for the WC56. This is what I started with.
Replaced broken parts, reassemble, sandblast and paint. Installed bow set, now riveting on webbing.
Installed the "lift the dot" snaps, parked the truck in the hot sun to make the canvas "relax". This top was purchased from a guy that purchased it and never used it. I sat in his house for 12 years.
After a while in the sun I tacked the canvas to the rear bow.
After tacking the windshield weather flap and the canvas top to the windshield header, I placed it in the hot sun again and let it stay there all day. The top had srunk a great deal.
After the canvas was relaxed I tacked it to the rear bow and installed the wire-on strip.
Done, all this only took about a month to get done.