5th Annual Dodge Truck Rally
held Oct 10th-12th 2014

This years Rally really showed the growth and direction this Rally will take in coming years.  With a mix of Dodge Power Wagons and mostly WWII WC's and a few other makes, we had 18 vehicles of interest in attendance and 50 or so participants.  I was excited to see that so many chose to spend the weekend camping.  In years passed most would come up just Saturday afternoon.  While many did just that, it was still a solid turn out.  

Friday morning participants began arriving.  There seemed to be a level of excitement that indicated this was going to be a great weekend.  When I showed up to the campground about 11am, I was surprised to see this excitement already had the first round of trucks in a caravan rolling out of the campground and heading to the gun range.  While not a official part of the Truck Rally, many of us spend Friday at the nearby West End gun range.  After setting up at the campground I headed to the range.  Arriving at the line, I was greeted by a host of very impressive weapons ready to fire.  Thank you to those that allowed me to fire some rounds.  Later my 10/22 came out, it was fun but... after firing big boy toys.  Anyway, the few kids and I did enjoy the 22.  Friday evening back at camp it was enjoyable to relax and visit with long time friends.
Saturday morning the scale of trucks present became apparent.  The trail ride had most of the trucks joining in.  As usual mine wasn't trail worthy, having not been able to get the brake system done in time.  The trail started below Lytle Creek and moved Northward toward the destination, Lost Lake, on fire graded roads.  Unfortunately, with the time constraint and a trail mix-up, Lost Lake was missed.  That is OK, as simply joining a morning on the trail in our old trucks is reward enough.   There is nothing like taking a curve on the trail and seeing truck after truck appear as an OD serpent moving across a natural landscape.  Weather was great, a comfortable 70 degrees with gentle breeze. 

Early afternoon the trail trucks rolled into camp in force.  Eyes like silver dollars and jawed dropped, those that that showed up while the trucks were  still out didn't seem prepared for the showing that rolled in.  With one truck blowing its front wheel cylinders on the trial, it didn't take long for the tools to come out at base camp.  Dan, Marty and Dave began tearing into the project.  Surrounding the work was a growing crowd of enthusiast.  The repair occupied the time until the lunch arrived.  I must admit I failed with the food order and forgot to order the sides, so we had just chicken and ribs with potato wedges.  It was all right but lacking, sorry.   Saturday evening seemed to settle down with a feeling of contentment, having not worried about the things of the world or daily life for a few days.  A clear mind, good friends and a relaxing setting works wonders.

As a few of you know this event started five years ago at the Devore truck yard as a private get together thanking those that helped me move my truck hobby forward.  Now five years forward, with some hiccups, this is becoming the must attend regional event.  While still semi private it grows by word of mouth. Thank you to those that set aside a weekend to kick around some old trucks and enjoy some fellowship.   Oct. 2015 is now in the works, see you then if not sooner.

Full event picture album at: Oct 2014 5th Annual Truck Rally Primal4x4